My Practice

I provide therapy for autistic adults and individuals coping with anxiety and other challenging life experiences. I believe we all deserve the opportunity to thrive, authentically, on our own terms. I help those I work with to harness their strengths and pursue the goals they care about.

Special Areas of Interest Include:


  • Helping people to better understand and express their needs

  • Introducing tools for responding more effectively to uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, and situations

  • Assisting people who are seeking clarity on what is important to them in various life domains

  • Teaching mindfulness skills to help people engage more fully with the things they value

  • Identifying changes in the environment or in use of time/energy that feel optimal for each individual

  • Helping people to improve communication in their personal and professional lives

  • Supporting people through difficult life transitions such as the birth of a child, career stressors, grief, and divorce

1304 Castro Street
Suite C
San Francisco, CA 94114

California Psychology License #: PSY27700

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